Celebration, Attraction and Retention of a Regional and Rural Workforce


  • Hernan Cuervo University of Melbourne
  • Serena Davie Department of Education Western Australia




regional partnerships, small schools, pre-service teachers, regional graduate recruitment, regional workforce, regional university centres, community engagement


In this issue of the Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, the contributing authors explore the impact of partnerships and purposeful engagement in attracting and retaining professionals to regional and rural communities. Attracting and retaining a well-prepared workforce for regional and rural communities is developed through a range of partnerships and strategies and through a range of institutions – such as schools and universities. Small schools play a pivotal role in regional and rural communities and need to be proactive in maintaining their important status. Equally, universities also have a role to play in the development of a professional workforce outside the metropolis. Providing undergraduates with regional experience is a widely used regional recruitment strategy. Overall, these articles provide a fresh outlook and ideas to strengthen regional and rural schools and communities.

Author Biography

Hernan Cuervo, University of Melbourne

Hernan Cuervo is a Professor in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, at the University of Melbourne. His research interests are located in the fields of rural education, sociology of youth, and theory of justice. Cuervo’s research program is built around the project of addressing equity and social justice for young people, with a particular focus on rural spaces. In over two hundred publications, keynote addresses, and presentations, he has contributed to academic debates on the structural character of inequalities in school to work transitions experienced by young people, particularly in rural communities; and on the application of theory of justice (distribution and recognition) to the experiences of rural students, teachers and schools. His latest authored and co-edited books are: 'Understanding Social Justice in Rural Education' (Palgrave); 'Youth, Inequality and Social Change in the Global South' (co-editor - Springer); and 'Thinking about Belonging in Youth Studies' (co-author - Palgrave).




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Cuervo, H., & Davie, S. (2023). Celebration, Attraction and Retention of a Regional and Rural Workforce. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 33(1), i-iii. https://doi.org/10.47381/aijre.v33i1.470