Call for 'hot topics' articles

We're inviting rural education researchers to submit contributions to a set of papers we are calling 'hot topics'. These are issues that just don't go away, and which we think will make a difference to the evidence base for rural education in Australia and the region. Policy topics listed below are often in the news, and are presented as policy problems by the media. But what does the evidence have to say about these issues? Theory topics, similarly, are about the enduring challenges of rural education from a theory perspective. We invite theoretical discussion papers that delve deeply into the issues outlined.

Papers will be prioritised for publication in the first available issue, in a new section called 'hot topics'. The same author guidelines apply as for journal articles. 

‘Hot policy topics’ for rural education

Access to high quality broadband internet

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and economic participation

Education, climate change impacts and industrial transitions

Rural health inequities and education

Rural infrastructures

Shifting demographics?

School staffing and retentions

‘Hot theory topics’ for rural education

Reshaping deficit assumptions of rural and remote education

Re-imagining educational success from a rural standpoint

Indigenous standpoints in rural and remote spaces

Re-centering rural geography: making metropolitan remote

Creating advantage from teacher and school leader transience

 Submission Process

Manuscripts must be submitted using the AIJRE online review submission and peer review system