Space, Place and Race

Ethics in Practice for Educational Research in Ethnically Diverse Rural Australia


  • Jodie Kline Deakin University
  • Sri Soejatminah Deakin University
  • Bernadette Walker-Gibbs Deakin University



place, space, race, researcher positionality, rural ethics, ethnic diversity


Research in Australia’s ethnically diverse rural and regional communities requires an approach that is informed by notions of space, place and culture, and which recognises race as a relational social construct mediated by social and political discourse and context, and prone to change overtime. This review examines how teacher education researchers connect culturally competent research and rural ethics with the view to improving education systems, addressing rural teacher workforce issues, informing the preparation of pre-service teachers, and, most importantly, ensuring that rural students have access to educational opportunities that are engaging and meet their needs. It focuses specifically on researcher positionality on the insider-outsider continuum and how this informs ethical research in diverse rural communities, particularly those in which visible new migrants reside. Peer-reviewed journal articles that discuss how education researchers negotiate working in rural space are examined and considered in relation to discourse about ethics in practice and the insider/outsider continuum. Scholarship reflected in the literature spanned the fields of rural/research ethics, inclusive education, education research methodology and research with new migrants, minority and marginalised groups.




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Kline, J., Soejatminah, S., & Walker-Gibbs, B. (2014). Space, Place and Race: Ethics in Practice for Educational Research in Ethnically Diverse Rural Australia. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 24(3), 49–67.