Personal Reflections on Researching in Small Schools


  • Brendan Nolan University of New England



This paper describes a recent research project conducted in the North Western Region of New South Wales. It highlights the nature of the research site, the particular characteristics of the people and their roles and attempts to give a "feel" for conducting research in the bush. The first section of the paper outlines the research project, the characteristics of one-teacher schools, together with details of the research setting. In the second section data collection determinants and problems of the chosen longitudinal research method in relationship to the research project are presented. The third section describes the peculiarities of gathering data in the chosen rural region. The fourth section evaluates the methodology and identifies problems and strengths. This is followed by a brief description of the major findings of the research project. Finally the conclusions of the paper are presented.




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Nolan, B. (1997). Personal Reflections on Researching in Small Schools. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 7(1), 7–13.