George Victor Le Vaux

An Adventurer in Rural Queensland

  • Alessio Claudi Professional Historians Australia (Queensland)


Often in the past, historians tended to study and write mainly about key figures, such as rulers or very famous people. However, in recent decades, historians have started to focus on local figures who had a role in their community. This paper narrates the life of one of those characters, an interesting individual who led a varied and interesting life with a strong connection to rural Australia. This man was George Victor Le Vaux, a Canadian educator whose life had numerous different facets and interesting twists. The idea that prompted the writing of this article was Le Vaux’s connection to Italy and its unification, but also the fact that a complete account of his life had never been attempted. The methodology used was an historical analysis of the available sources and an investigation of the education sector in the second half of the 19th century in Queensland. Therefore, the aim of the study is to provide an account, as accurate as possible, of Le Vaux’s life and his thoughts and ideas on education.

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