Issues in education in remote rural Australia

  • Ted Scott James Cook University


The term Rural Australia is being used by the Commonwealth Government in recent times very , very broadly, indeed, to encompass about ninety five percent (95%) of the Australian mainland. Indeed, it deals with virtually all of Australia that is outside the large metropolitan areas and is more than fifty (50) kilometres remote from a sizeable community. Now, having said that it embraces ninety five percent (95%) of Australia, you would realise, of course, that encompassed in that area are a number of very significant communities that are focal points for the territory around them. In a sense we might talk about those areas as being provincial Australia. If you come from provincial Australia tonight, then I apologise as my remarks are not going to be really addressed to you. I am going to take the other section that we really call remote Australia. I am talking about those smaller country towns, the small service towns. I am talking about the railway fettlers' camps. I am talking about the station properties, and the farming communities, and the isolated aboriginal communities.