Expanding Horizons

Uni-Ready Program for Multicultural Groups


  • Joy Penman University of South Australia
  • Janet Sawyer University of South Australia




multicultural, pathways, alternatve entry, immigrants, higher education


This paper discusses an initiative titled UniReady Program for Multicultural Groups that was conducted at the University of South Australia‘s Centre for Regional Engagement located in the city of Whyalla. Immigrant families are currently being attracted to the city due to regional employment opportunities and are potential university students. The aim of the program is to attract these non-traditional students into higher education. The program explores the opportunities available for community members from diverse backgrounds to study at the regional university campus. The pilot session introduced the participants to university study, pathways into university, the degrees available, and assisted them in planning their future at the campus. The Harvard Questionnaire was administered to evaluate this new initiative.

Eighteen community members participated in the inaugural program. The paper draws on the experiences of the immigrants and staff members who contributed to the program. For the participants, what was beneficial was learning about how to gain entry to university as well as clarifying the wide variety of support available to assist students become successful learners. For the staff, it was determining the barriers of taking up university for the immigrants and following through their expressed interest in undertaking university studies.




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Penman, J., & Sawyer, J. (2013). Expanding Horizons: Uni-Ready Program for Multicultural Groups. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 23(3), 71–81. https://doi.org/10.47381/aijre.v23i3.671

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