Rural High School Students' Attitudes Towards School Science


  • Terry Lyons University of New England
  • Frances Quinn University of New England



curriculum, science, opportunity, enjoyment, equity


This paper reports findings from an Australian survey of Year 10 students (N=3759) indicating that those in small rural and remote areas tend to enjoy school science significantly less than their peers in larger towns and cities (Lyons & Quinn, 2010). The study also found that rural and remote students were less inclined than those in other locations to enjoy science relative to other subjects. Such a result has not previously been recorded in the science education literature and raises a number of questions about the relevance and quality of the science education experienced by rural and remote students. It also raises timely questions about the applicability to rural and remote students of an Australian Science Curriculum. The paper explores these issues and their implications for policy and research.




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Lyons, T., & Quinn, F. (2012). Rural High School Students’ Attitudes Towards School Science. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 22(2), 21–28.