Australia's Sustainability: A New Policy Front for Rural Education?


  • R. John Halsey Flinders University



Rural education and its policy agenda has for many decades primarily focussed upon responding to decline to keep things going; keep things open‘. While this has been understandable and much has been achieved, it is now opportune—essential?—that rural education and its leaders embrace a new  challenge, sustainability, and use it to pursue new policy fronts. The 25th anniversary of the Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia is a timely occasion to consider this. Five issues critical to national sustainability, and a program to engage city and urban youth in living and learning in rural communities, are presented to stimulate new policy and operational possibilities for rural education under the umbrella of sustainability.




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Halsey, R. J. (2009). Australia’s Sustainability: A New Policy Front for Rural Education?. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 19(2), 11–22.