Celebrating Connectedness


  • Robin Maslen




Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you all today. This comes about because my good friend Steve Biddulph, author of "Manhood" a bestselling book about setting men free, was unable to be here and suggested to your organisers that I take his place. Steve has been doing a great job around Australia and overseas raising people's awareness of the need to balance the attention given to women's issues by addressing the real needs of males, particularly young boys, in our rapidly changing society. I intend to expand this topic to address the problem of people's lack of connectedness and increasing alienation, which is not a gender specific issue, but one which is having an increasingly unhealthy impact for all of us as well as creating some special problems for males in our society. The theme of this conference one of celebration implies some sort of proclamation, something to rejoice about. Unfortunately this alienated society is not a subject for celebration at the moment. So my challenge is for us all is to think of ways personally and institutionally that we can be involved in celebrating the death of alienation and the rebirth of connections between people. Connections which involve, Security, Empathy, Afflrmation and Protection. Where the individual can feel unique, can experience the impact they make on others and be moved by that impact, to love and be loved. Connections between country and city, between black and white, male and female, school and community, teacher and learner, boss and worker, parent and child.




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