The Importance of the School to a Rural Town


  • John Nunn



The school has a number of roles in a rural community. This paper investigates just what those roles are in three rural high schools in the Wimmera District of Victoria. After summarising the roles provided by interviews in the three schools, four of the roles are examined in more detail. These are the community use of the school facilities, the expenditure of the staffs in the three communities, the involvement of the staff in community associations and organisations and the employment created by the three schools. The investigation shows that in those three communities, the schools are important. In addition, the paper refers to roles which are difficult to quantify such as tradition and community integrity. These roles are also of importance to the rural communities.




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Nunn, J. (1994). The Importance of the School to a Rural Town. Australian and International Journal of Rural Education, 4(1), 1–7.