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Special Issue: November 2021

Editor:   Melyssa Fuqua     melyssa.fuqua@gmail.com  

 Guest Editors:   Cheryl Glowery               c.glowrey@federation.edu.au

                             Robyn Henderson          Robyn.Henderson@usq.edu.au

                             Karl Maton                      karl.maton@sydney.edu.au

Title: Connecting with rural education research

 The central theme for this special issue of AIJRE is connecting rural education research and urban-based research. The field of rural education research is embedded in understandings of context, place, and space, but is often treated as sitting on the margins. The special issue will shift such perceptions and locate the rural as a key and constituent part of the wider field of education. The issue foregrounds connections and will challenge existing notions of a rural-urban divide and associated thinking leads to a deficit view of the rural. Papers will show how the spatial and contextual considerations of rural education research have developed perspectives and methodologies that can inform and enrich the broader research community. The special issue welcomes both Australian and international contributions that examine how contemporary rural education research is challenging traditional perceptions.


Call for abstract proposals

Closing date: 10 October 2020

Notifications following peer review of abstracts: 9 November 2020

Submission of papers to editorial team:  19 April 2021